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The Ottawa County Improvement Corporation (OCIC) serves as the lead economic development agency by advancing, encouraging, and promoting the industrial, economic, commercial, and civic development of Ottawa County. These efforts create an environment in Ottawa County where existing businesses are able to continue to compete and grow in the worldwide marketplace and allow us to attract new companies to the area!

Executive Board and Officers


Dr. Marsha Bordner, Terra State Community College (Retired)

1st Vice President

Craig Trick, Comprehensive Construction Solutions

2nd Vice President

Ken Williams, Catawba Island Club


Keith Smith, Materion Brush Inc.


Brian Boles, Davis Besse Nuclear Power Station

At-Large Member


Past President

Jim Stouffer, Catawba Island Club


Paul Ackerman, Ackerman Industrial Equipment
300 Mill Street
Curtice, OH 43412            

Brian Boles, Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant
5501 N State Route 2
Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Sam Conte, Lakecraft Corp.
1010 W. Lakeshore Dr.
Port Clinton, OH 43452     

Matt Damschroder, Mayor of Elmore
P. O. Box 3
Elmore, OH 43416    

Mike Detzel, Chipmatic Tool & Machine
212 Ottawa Street
Elmore, OH 43416

Larry Durivage, Durivage Pattern & Manufacturing 
20522 SR 579
Williston, OH 43468

Chic Elum, Northcoast Development
4380 E. Harbors Edge Road
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Marty Folger, Croghan Colonial Bank
3994 E. Harbor Road
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Kelly Frey, Ottawa County Sanitary Engineer
315 Madison Street
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Nick Gerber, The Ashley Group
4400 Timber Commons Drive
Sandusky, OH 44870       

Stan Gebhardt, Erie-Ottawa International Airport
3255 E. State Road
Port Clinton, OH 43452          

Bret Haggy, Huntington Insurance
300 Croghan Street, Suite B
Fremont, OH 43420

Ken Harsanje, Mayor of Genoa
913 West Street
Genoa, OH 43430

Joe Helle, Mayor of Oak Harbor
146 Church Street
Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Keith Hille, Graymont Dolime
21880 W. State Route 163 Street
Genoa, OH 43430

Ron Lajti, Ottawa County Engineer
315 Madison Street
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Shelly Lizyness, Materion Brush Inc.
14710 W. Portage River South Road
Elmore, OH 43416

Chris Malfara, Bay Point Resort & Marina
10948 East Bayshore Road
Marblehead, OH 43440

Jim McKinney, Lake Erie Business Park
127 Madison St.
Port Clinton, OH 43452    

Gary Mortus, Ohio Edison/First Energy
2508 W. Perkins Avenue
Sandusky, OH 44870         

Guy Parmigian, B-C-S School District
11685 W. SR 163
Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Mark Coppeler, Ottawa County Commissioner
315 Madison Street
Port Clinton, OH 43452                                    

David Robenstine, Harris Township
P. O. Box 396
Elmore, OH 43416

James Sass, Ottawa County Commissioner
315 Madison Street
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Rhonda Slaughterbeck, O.C. Administrator
315 Madison Street
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Tyson Smith, Northern Manufacturing
132 N. Railroad Street
Oak Harbor, OH 43449

William St. Leger, U.S. Gypsum
121 S. Lake Street
Gypsum, OH 43453   

Mark Stahl, Ottawa County Commissioner
315 Madison Street
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Jay Viery, Signature Label
280 N. Lakewinds Dr.
Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Lee Vivod, The Huntington National Bank
120 Madison Street
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Dr. Jerome Webster, Terra State Community College
2830 Napoleon Road
Fremont, OH 43420

Hugh Wheeler, Jr, Mayor of Port Clinton
1868 E. Perry Street
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Paul Zeiler, Guardian Industries
24145 W. Moline Martin Road
Millbury, OH 43447

Fred Zink, Zink Calls Manufacturing
30 Park Drive
Port Clinton, OH 43452 

Ottawa County Improvement Corporation

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