Why Ottawa County

When you locate in Ottawa County, you'll build a profitable business.
And you'll enjoy a rich, full life.

Ottawa County's business climate is diverse and conducive to growth. Your business will be able to thrive in the County not just because of a skilled workforce and high quality of life, but because there is a strong network of existing businesses who actively partner together, benchmark and advocate for each other’s continued success and growth. In addition, the state of Ohio's historic resource-rich workforce and logistics assets with new tax reform and strong incentive packages moves the state to the front of the line when lined up against national rivals.

Invest in Ottawa County Ohio and enjoy these key benefits:

  • Easy access to profitable markets in the U.S. and Canada that lowers your cost of doing business.
  • A strong supply chain across key industries improves your efficiencies and profits.
  • An abundant, skilled labor supply improves productivity, quality and profit.
  • Public-private support eliminates obstacles, lowers cost, accelerates start-up and feeds business growth.
  • Ohio's perfect balance between professional and personal life attracts and retains the best talent for your company.

Ottawa County Improvement Corporation

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